Isabella Jedruch

Isabella (better known to some as “Izzy”) began dancing at the age of three at Dance Dynamics Studio and moved to become part of the dream dance family in 2015.  Ever since her first competitive acro solo at the age of five, she has loved getting up on stage and performing.

Izzy has taken several of the ADAPT exams in ballet, jazz, and tap as well as some of the Acrobatic Arts exams. Along with these dance forms she also competes in hip hop, contemporary and lyrical.

She has competed in several regional and National competitions and has attended many conventions and workshops.  She enjoys learning from a variety of teachers and choreographers as they all have something different to offer.  She has won numerous overall titles, received numerous Judge’s Choice awards and two times has been a runner-up to the Senior Bowl at the Lakehead Music Festival of the Arts.   She has been recognized on stage for her passion and emotional execution and loves telling a story through the art of dance.

Isabella is currently in tenth grade at St. Ignatius High School and is extremely happy to be part of the teaching team at Dream Dance Company.  She is very much looking forward to sharing her love of dance with her students.